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Inventory data collection and inventory management technology: proprietary, cutting edge solutions

The right technology is absolutely critical when it comes to vast, complicated physical inventory events and the management of that data across the supply chain. We continue to develop and release new technology, including mobile devices, software solutions and portal communications.

We have also forged new partnerships with innovative companies to provide services that take you beyond the count. We now offer solutions for mobile power management, RFID applications and space planning.

As the industries we serve continue to evolve, so too will RGIS technology.

Handheld Technology

Our proprietary handheld data collection is encrypted and wireless, allowing for real-time accuracy reviews from the start. 

As the audit begins, secure data populates your existing inventory management system or warehouse management system (or one that we provide) in real-time, enabling rapid on-site reconciliation and providing transparency and visibility. Our new tablet-based technology provides clients with a heat-map of inventory progress.

In the hands of our trained inventory professionals, our proprietary technology makes quick progress. For a recent count conducted for an automobile manufacturer, our auditors counted 27.5 million parts in one day. 

For fast, accurate counts of inventory from shipyards to trailers, warehouses to store shelving, more customers trust RGIS and our handheld technology.

RFID Inventory System

RFID solutions are providing omnichannel retailers with inventory visibility across their stores and distribution centers—complete visibility that’s reducing shrink and out-of-stocks, lifting sales and improving customer experiences.

Learn more about RFID solutions in the retail world, including the RGIS proof of concept program. 

Space Planning

Our proprietary SmartSpace® solution takes macro space planning and planogramming to a new level. SmartSpace helps retailers interpret and visualize inventory data in how it translates to your shelves and racks. Identify opportunities and optimize your planograms, then easily add, delete and swap planograms across stores. We also offer planogram compliance services, making it easy to implement changes throughout all of your stores. 

Patented Technology 

A continuous objective for RGIS is to bring real-world technology to our clients through our U.S. Patent No. 8,606,658, for inventory verification systems.  This patent enables us to have the only inventory verification system and method using a remote device communicating with a control desk to validate or correct inventory counts.  The patent, which includes 19 claims, are specific to the method of inventory verification and inventory verification system and contains computing and displaying verification on the remote itself.