Frequently Asked Questions

RGIS Overview

With decades of experience and a worldwide reputation for accuracy and efficiency, RGIS helps companies of all sizes streamline their inventory and data collection processes, providing the information necessary to identify and leverage opportunities. We perform the inventories and provide the insight through integrated inventory services that include store surveys, space management, store remodels and resets, RFID solutions and asset optimization.

Yes--we will connect you with a representative from our Business Development team, who will be the liaison between you and the local RGIS office closest to you. Your RGIS representative will work with you to determine what type of onsite visit you need.

Yes-- we work with clients in a collaborative process, approaching each unique event with flexibility and responsiveness to ensure success even when projects are large and complex.

Choosing RGIS

We have processes that are established, decades of experience and a worldwide reputation for technology, accuracy and efficiency. Our teams consistently perform at a more accurate and efficient level than in-house teams.

RGIS Customers

RGIS works with companies of all sizes in retail, healthcare, manufacturing, and other commercial sectors, as well as government and education.

RGIS services companies of all sizes. In fact, our company started working with single locations and independent companies. We have learned how to make our services affordable to companies with anywhere from one to thousands of locations in the US and worldwide.

RGIS Inventory Staff

All of our inventory specialists and field management are RGIS employees and not contractors.

Getting Started With RGIS

Unfortunately we are not able to answer without knowing all the variables and factors. One of our Inside Sales representatives can get you a no-cost, no-obligation proposal – usually within two business days

The only contract you will need to sign is a standard Purchase Agreement – no long-term contracts are needed.

RGIS will tailor our services around the hours that you prefer us to work, day or night. Our inventories are scheduled to disrupt your business as little as possible.

Yes – RGIS will tailor our services around whatever is most convenient for you.

Every client is different and our Business Development team will work with you to deliver a program that meets your budget, timeline and business objectives.

RGIS Synchronizes with In-house Technology

Yes, with more than 60 years of inventory experience and decades of experience understanding and synchronizing with a wide variety of programs, we are confident that we can work with your internal software applications.

RGIS is Located Where You Are

RGIS is a global company with global reach. Our business model for 60+ years includes teams of inventory specialists that can be assembled for most localized areas. We have a presence in 40+ countries, including more than 170 offices in the United States. There is a very good chance we have an office near you.

RGIS Longevity

While no one can predict the future, we can point to future success based on our track record. We have been in business since 1958 and have strong financials and an excellent management team.

Contactez un Représentant RGIS

Attaché à la relation très particulière qui l’unit à ses clients, RGIS vise au-delà d’un lien simplement commercial, et développe une relation de confiance durable en offrant  un suivi personnalisé réalisé par un interlocuteur unique.

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