Go Beyond the Count

Get the Most Out of Your Store Space with SmartSpace™

SmartSpace is the best-of-breed floor planning macro space management solution designed to streamline and automate retail floor planning. Evaluate, analyze and optimize your retail space. Understand every aisle, every corner and every opportunity. Create and test your concepts in a virtual environment. Find what works, and get more from every store.

SmartSpace delivers:

  • Highly accurate, store-specific floor plans and survey information
  • Query-enabled databases to examine KPI's, adjacencies and shrink
  • Heat-mapping capability to quickly visualize performance by store

Smartspace can be integrated with:

SmartSpace Introduction Video

SmartSpace helps you unlock the full potential of your selling space with a powerful suite of software and services. Watch the introduction video to learn more.

Store Planning

StorPlanner® gives retailers the power to plan and evaluate the effectiveness of store layouts at an individual, cluster or country level.

Virtual Reality Walkthrough

StorVisualizer gives you the power to view a SmartSpace store plan as a 3D virtual store. A 3D version of any SmartSpace store plan can be built and viewed quickly and easily within AutoCAD.

Store Surveys

RGIS has the equipment and resources to deliver detailed individual store surveys, which can be entered directly into SmartSpace to give you access to powerful, macro space analytical tools.

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