C. Darren Redgwick, Boeing (UK)

“RGIS has proved to be both patient and adaptable in approach, whilst maintaining overall customer expectation… Overall, they provided a professional service with quality personnel.”

Canadian Tire, Canadian Tire

"As a retailer, I have used RGIS for years to conduct my dealer changeover inventory. I recently used them for an Asset count in two of my stores; they have been a tremendous resource for developing and managing the asset counts. With the rising cost of labor and time required to count fixtures, it made sense to utilize the professional help from RGIS in this task. When doing the math it was almost a wash and you are getting a more experienced staff to do the job in less time with almost no interruption to your store operations. Although the bulk asset inventory is a new service for us, throughout the process RGIS was diligent in getting the most accurate count possible and would double count all fixtures where needed, which we rarely do at a retail level. Overall this service is well worth the expense and has paid dividends. I will certainly use their services again in the future!"

Jerry Humm, CVS

"RGIS Retail Services has been a key contributor to our successful store resets and new store setup activities for CVS/pharmacy locations. Through a collaborative effort between the two companies, RGIS deployed over 500 hourly employees on both CVS managed and RGIS managed projects to meet aggressive deadlines, completing projects on schedule. In a true partnership, RGIS has displayed an ability to meet our business requirements and when asked, the flexibility to provide additional support on short notice."

Mel Harper, Charter Facilities Management, LLC

“We were very satisfied with the level of service we received from the RGIS staff. We struggled with managing our physical inventory and finally made a decision to partner with an outside company to handle this for us. The staff was very competent and efficient. The amount of time it took them to complete the inventory was definitely amazing and ended up saving our company valuable money and time. Thank you and I look forward to working with RGIS on our upcoming projects.”

Roger Dunbar, NAPA Auto Parts

“Your management team is a real joy to work with. When doing resets in our NAPA locations there are always obstacles and challenges that slow your progress down. I will have to say, your team is the best at overcoming these in a professional manner. Again, thank you and I’m looking forward to working with you and your team again in the very near future.”

Steve Fritz, VF Outlets

“Our Company was very pleased with the outcome, and your staff has received high compliments all around ... We saved money over our old process, our store managers and staff were much happier, and we believe we likely had a more accurate count.”

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